Online group programs and individual classes

You want to learn Spanish since forever but you don’t know how?

You’ve tried a few apps but got stuck after a while?

You think Spanish is too difficult for you to learn?

You want to learn but you are too afraid to make mistakes?

You think learning a language will be boring, just like in school?

lotte stevens language teacher

What if…

… you weren’t afraid of making mistakes?

… you knew enough words to start spontaneous small talk?

… speaking Spanish would no longer be a dream?

My Spanish classes launch you into the language!

After my training:

New words actually stick
You speak with confidence
Spontaneous conversations don’t scare you
Speaking Spanish feels like a game
You want to keep improving

What my clients say


10 individual online trainings with Lotte Stevens. Length: 45 minutes each.
A shared document that contains all texts and vocabulary of every training. You can access it online at all times or download it.
Weekly voice recordings, to help you practice correct pronunciation.

Package price: €595 (incl. VAT)

When it comes to language learning…

… you are in good hands. With more than 25 years of experience with language learning, I know what I am talking about. I managed to learn and get fluent in 5 foreign languages. And best of all: I did that without boring grammar books, vocabulary chaos, annoying apps and other frustrations. The method I created and developed myself, is as close as can be to how we all learned our mother tongue. Motivation, context, repetition and fun are key!

And here is the good news: thanks to my training, my method will become (and remain!) yours too. Step by step I will explain the tricks and techniques you need to know.

I am not a fan of grammar exercises and endless vocabulary lists. Learning words by heart, without any context, is far from effective and very boring! A language is there to be spoken. So you will speak! You will actively use the language, from the first minute we start our training. Fearless language learning is our goal. Are you in?

Online language training

The comfort of individual online classes

Easy from home
When it suits you
On your level
It’s fun

Learning Spanish opens doors

The truth is that improving your skills in any language has an endless list of beneficial effects on you. To name but a few:

More confidence
Healthy brain exercise
Extra career opportunities
Better intercultural understanding
New connections with beautiful people

This language training is perfect for you when…

✔ you have a strong motivation and language goal

✔ you are focused on speaking the language, rather than writing

✔ you are open to my fearless learning method

This language training is not a good match for you in case you…

✖ prefer sticking to grammar books and exercises

✖ want to sit in a classroom rather than online

✖ don’t have at least 2 hours time per week


How long is one training session?

One session is 45 minutes.

Can I choose what day and time I do my weekly session?

I will ask you to name several possibilities. Then we see what day and time suits both of us.

Does it have to be the same day and time every week?

I do recommend to set a fixed appointment every week, and reserve that time for all training sessions at once. As soon as all sessions are marked in your calendar, you will feel more committed and motivated. Motivation is key!

What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment to another day?

No problem! Of course that can happen. I do ask you to inform me 24 hours in advance, otherwise I will count it as a no-show.

Can I book my sessions in the weekend too?

I offer language training from Monday till Saturday, between 12:00 and 22:00 CET. Together we find a day and time that suits both of us. I don’t offer trainings on Sundays.

Are all training sessions online?

Yes, I work exclusively online. I don’t offer on site trainings.

What do I need in order to follow your training?

You need a computer, laptop or tablet with a microphone and camera (cellphone is not recommended) and a decent internet connection.

Do I need to buy special books or computer tools?

You don’t have to buy any books or tools. I will provide all the material. The only thing you need to do is install the video conferencing tool Zoom on your computer, laptop or tablet. Don’t worry, I will send you a link before we start!

What languages do you teach?

At the moment I focus on Spanish classes. But in case you would be interested, I can offer you language trainings for Dutch, French, English or German too. All following my fearless method. Same method, different language! Just let me know what language you would like to learn.

Can I follow your training together with my friend who wants to learn the same language? What about the price?

It is possible to book group trainings. In that case it becomes cheaper per person. Just contact me and I will send you the details.

Is there a possibility to do a free test session?

Yes, the introductory call is always free of charge. During that call we discuss your language learning goals and wishes, I talk about my method and we see whether we are a good match! If we are, we make the first appointment and off we go!

Do I need to pay all training sessions at once?

Yes, the complete amount is to be paid before the start of the language training. Payment is to be done via bank transfer to my German bank account.